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When you consider buying a new computer, we offer three main categories of pc's depending on your budget. The cheapest will be the entry level budget system for the price conscious buyer, followed by our standard system we regard as the best value for money, and then the corporate brand name system with leading edge technology and speed.

The Budget (Price Buster) system will be configure with entry level components. It is aimed at the person who needs a system for typing, Internet browsing, single user accounting or a student that requires a system to use for his school/university/technicon projects. In most cases the budget system has a shorter life span than the standard or corporate system.

The Standard system is a system that is built with components that gives a good mix between performance and price. Typically these systems are configured with midrange processors that gives the system superior processing power when compared with the budget system.

The Corporate/Power Pc is aimed at the power user that requires high performance system. These systems is well suited for high end games, CAD workstation or entry level Servers. The system is configured with a high end processor, large capacity high performance hard drive, a large memory capacity and a high performance 3D graphics card.

In addition to our standard systems we can supply Computer systems based on client specifications or according to the system requirements of specific appliction software.

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